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Kate's dirty sister
24 February 2011 @ 03:22 am
I might be the only one who enjoyed 3rd season and recently enjoying this one.
Someday someone told: "Good things come for those who waiting" YES! Even in the shallow, fictional and plastic world of television/fandom.
BUILD UP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Getting scenes.
Since first season, we know wht Blairs want. And she didn't want to be 'the wife of..' -Are we in the 50s? Change you mind- like a doll. Since the first season, she was the bossy one, fights for college status, she was the badass girl in hers pradas.
They won't be a large love bonding, you know why dont make me talk, but we'll be happy for not getting our ship ruining for overwriting. That's a relief.
And, honestly, I am saying this since a neutral POV, because Blair never was my favourite character.

spoilers if you don't watch it yetBUT I DONT KNOW WHYCollapse )
GOD! Being Human, BEING HUMAN. BEING.FUCKING.HUMAN. Every single episode from this tvshow is a master piece -I can say the same for 2nd season of The vampire diaries-.
MITCHELL, drama drama and more torture vampire, who i love.
GEORGE,  Awwww! My silly, ubersilly were wolf along with the best werewolf I've ever seen.
ANNIE, cutie pie
-> Lia (3x01),even Nina grows up on me, Adam (Becoming human websodes)m

PS: I know noone is gonna read this. Tumblr, you little bastard but the owner is hot.
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Kate's dirty sister
15 February 2011 @ 01:46 am
This is hard.


PD: I haven't got a proper icon from him, but I chose Juan Carlos and Xavi, who I love too.
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Kate's dirty sister
22 November 2010 @ 02:09 am
How do you feel when a favorite band breaks up? Do you still follow the original band members in their new projects?

It dependes what and the kind of music he/she does.
Short answer: Definetley, yes.

It's my first writer's block, I felt I could answer because my favourite since fifteen years is Backstreet boys. Where Nick and Brian record a cd for their own, without sucess, honestly.
Kate's dirty sister
12 November 2010 @ 08:12 pm
After seeing sixth episode of Hellcats, I've forced myself to test this TVshows started season.
+First of all, I watched the new brand promo of Hellcats because of it is about sports, just like Make it or break it, althought this one treats cheerleading which you counting it as a sport in USA (at least 'till now, I guess), here we have acrobat gimnastic which is seemed quite a lot. Problem? The broadcasting channel, The CW vs ABC, teenagers on fire vs disney's channel; of course  I won't give up already, they are keeping the cheerleading in the first place but the relationships are worlds apart.
We have the IT girl, we have her best friend who has been love of her since their are kids (Maybe you are looking at me right now for this because of Nate and Serena, aren't you?), we have the cheerleader captain (surprisegly sweet), we have the other guy from cheerleader team, we have the good and young teacher, we have the bad and jealous girl... OK OK. I stop. I bet you've already know what I wanted to say, just a typical teenage show with a script more than love/ships/etc.
Plus, I can't handdle Aly Michalka's facial expression, too many cheeks an lips. Srsly, I can't look at her for more of five seconds.
Meanwhile, they will be giving the most of time to the sport, probably I'll be seeing. If not, I have enough with 90210, which only God know I'm still seeing.

+Raising hope. A brand new comedy what all of you should watch. No 'bottled laughs'.

+I've already catched up with the big bang theory, that one with 'bottle laughs' I can see. And Leonard and Sheldon are a couple, in the same way I see House and Wilson relationship, I realise that in 3x14, that was too epic for words (not the Bazinga! thing, don't misundestandme) and when Leonard explain why lift is out of work.

+The Vampire Diaries season it's being the best. Great script, great bulding character relationships and character's themselves. Katherine returns is being the Nina Dobrev perfetion. TVD and I have our rants *coughboredsamepreviouslycough*, but we are happily married each other.

PLUS: I saw the social network. I find it a three stars movie but there's one guy makes wnat to see it one an another like a five stars movie. This guy is Eduardo played by Andrew Garfield, and no I don't even know if he is related with the cat.
Warning if you are going to see it, you will want to buuuurn facebook with Zuckerberg in, at least the first hour.
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